Wire News Now is an independent news and media house operating from Florida. Wire News Now has honesty, transparency and due diligence at its core and we ensure that everything we report passes our stringent editorial policy.

Working with a number of publishing houses, news outlets, universities and fact checking agencies, we report news and events with clarity that speaks for itself. Combating fake news is another aspect of our coverage.

Journalism ethics are at our core because the publication has been started by journalists who have honest reporting at their hearts. Business goals aside, Wire News Now is about values, social activism and information sharing and seeking that would lead our entire society towards ethics based value system.

Wire News Now caters to readers from over 60 different countries. As of the start of 2019, our reader base has reached half a million news readers a month. We have an extensive reach through organic searches and have been cited by many well-known media houses for breaking major local and national level news stories.