Apple subscription not a feasible idea for India


Over the past few years Apple has been shifting focus to its services business in a very systematic fashion to a point where company can gain the revenues from different countries and when it comes to revenue from India the market India is very strategically segmented by Apple targeting the premium segment of the customers who can a for Apple product. Even given a decline in overall iPhone sales now, the CEO of Apple Tim Cook is now hoping to launch some software and hardware into a single subscription package in India, which essentially will give the smartphone on EMI directly and will increase in revenue of Apple in India. Very recent times, Apple has East off from its high approach by offering the trade where customers are seeking the newest model of the products. Business models of the products can simply sell the old ones back and get an effective discount even when they advertised iPhone prices after such a trade at their stores in all the marketing materials took a very use Hike out of the automotive industry. Now recently Apple is coming up with its new schemes to attract people and audience and this attraction will intern result in the apple revenue when Tim Cook announced that every program and every iPhone purchase by an Indian would get a 24 month interest free loan this, in turn, will increase the chances of the customers affordability to be set high in the Indian market which is at current lowest rate. Most of the iPhone users in India believe that in a breathing their iPhones only once in two years would gain a lot of advancement in their devices and even a person who bought an iPhone XS close of 100000 rupees will prefer to skip the next couple of model in few years which mean that they will not prefer to buy a phone of Apple company in the next three to four years.









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